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continues the story of the Seymour Filchmour from Addison Thomas' novel Presage.
      Seymour Filcher, his family fortune grown to a level incomprehensible to residents of the region, exercises his political and financial muscle over the small fiefdoms located on the red rolling hills of the Piedmont. Filchmour's chicanery and duplicity has left many broken and bitter enemies whose vowed vengeance strains to be unleashed.
      In an election day TV interview at the keystone bank of his empire, Filchmour displays his deep seated bigotry and arrogance to a regional TV audience. The interview is picked up by the twenty four hour news service, igniting a back lash to his racial outburst and bringing attention to his extreme political beliefs.
      On the same morning of the election day interview, Filchmour's bank is cased for a burglary by three Vietnam army buddies who have fallen on hard times-partially caused by the actions of Filchmour's bank. Seven weeks later they successfully conduct a daring daytime robbery of Filchmour's impregnable bank.
      On the day of the robbery Filchmour receives a subpoena to testify before the House Banking Committee on discriminatory lending practices. The ranking minority party member of the committee, Johnny Bible, has often been a target of Filchmour's vilifying words.
      Vulpine, an attorney and arch enemy of the Filchmour family, initiates a divorce proceeding for Willie Filchmour against her unfaithful husband. Annoyed that there are those who would challenge him, Filchmour's contempt grows.
      A former bank employee is presented with the confidential financial files of the banks and Filchmour's personal life. The files produce enough information to form the basis of a class action suit against Filchmour and his banking empire.
      Halfway around the world in Jordan, Shadry renews his vows and swears revenge on Filchmour for defamatory remarks made years earlier against him, his family and his race.
      Filchmour's hobby of breeding and racing thoroughbred horses creates yet another enemy in the Amir of a Middle Eastern country. The Amir's interests in the U.S. have sold Filchmour thoroughbred horses for six million dollars. Seymour reneges on the contract, neither paying for nor returning the bloodstock.
      During a chance conversation between Shadry and the financial advisor to the Amir, the two men discover they both have been duped and defamed by Filchmour. A plot is hatched in the Middle East to financially destroy Filchmour, taking advantage of his vanity and greedy nature.
      As these separate forces work toward the destruction of his empire, Filchmour grabs the bait of the Middle Eastern scheme. He gambles his fortune and the future of his racing stable in a frantic race to settle his creditors' legal actions and satisfy the banking authorities.
      The story weaves the perceived self importance of a bigoted, greedy and arrogant rural banker together with the working of television political commentators and newsmen, the politics and life of a prominent Congressman and his aid, the intrigue of international monetary futures trading, and the pageantry of thoroughbred races for the Triple Crown. The reader of IMPLOSION is treated to the humorous and absurd behavior of this wealthy banker and a glimpse at remaining deep seated bigotry of the region.
      "But many that are first shall be last; and the last shall be first." Matthew 19:30 King James Version

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