Addison Thomas (Tom Gutherie)
Tom passed away on January 31, 2009.
He is greatly missed.
Well done, Good and Faithful Servant

recording of Tom's memorial service

addison thomas

"There will come a moment in your life when all truth will be known.   All of the questions, doubts, and suspicionsyou have ever harbored will be instantly answered, but theywill no longer be of importance or meaningful. The answers you searched for throughout your life will be insignificant. "

.......from "PRESAGE"

Author of

"What impressed most about Presage was the powerful opening chapter.
This scene-driven chapter sets up the metaphysical theme of the bookand deals with suspense well. In this chapter, the reader gets a sense of where the plot is heading, which is not an easy task for an author to accomplish in an opening chapter.
Well done.
The physical descriptions of the characters are rendered with nice detail.
The scenes with dialogue flow quite well..."

....... quoted from "WRITER'S DIGEST"

Onus - a short story
(published summer 2002)

Confluence (coming some day)

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